12 Habits You Need in 2016 (PART 1)

Gosh….. Time flies by so fast. Is 2015 already about to end? I seriously can’t believe it! I’m truly grateful because this year has been an INCREDIBLE year for me. I’m one of those types of people that very often reflects on my blessings because it gets me through tough times. What I love most about reflection time is getting the opportunity to grow and learn more about how I can become a better woman. 

I discovered so much about myself this year and I stepped out of my comfort zone to the fullest. There were long sleepless nights, many tears shed, hours of prayer, friendships that needed a period of separation and even days where I asked God, “where art thou Lord?” But I thank God because through it all, God has been GOOD TO ME! 

As I’ve been preparing for a GREAT 2016 (I say great because each new year I pray that it’s even better than the last and God ALWAYS honors this request) I want to share with you 12 things I learned in 2015 that I believe are 12 Habits You Need for 2016. For the remainder of 2015 I will share three things each day to help you prepare for the New Year. 

First three for today: 

  1. Discover the Gifts in You - Many times we often watch people become successful right before our eyes and then ask, how in the world they did it. I honestly got tired of people watching. I got tired of that jealous and envious spirit sneaking up on me so I took time away from the world to work on me. I stopped looking outside and started looking within. I began to carve out time to invest in myself. I watched tutorial videos, read books and connected with people who could assist me with developing my brand. It was scary at first to actually think that what I have to offer is a valuable brand (God’s brand at that because He created me in HIS IMAGE), but the truth is I discovered that I have valuable gifts to offer the world. Which leads me to this…..

  2. Overcome Your Fears - It took me 4 months to release the very first episode of my YouTube show “DIALOGUE” because I was afraid people wouldn’t like it, watch it or think I was trying to be like someone else. Thank God I got the courage to do it and discovered this untapped gift within me because the gift of hosting has opened up MANY doors of opportunity. And to think I almost never released it ….. That would’ve meant over 250,000 viewers from South Africa, Kenya, UK, and many other countries couldn’t have the opportunity to be blessed by the light God placed within me. Never be afraid to pursue a passion or desire that God placed within you because you think people may reject it. Also don’t wait because you talked yourself into thinking you don’t have the “right” resources or enough money to pursue a passion or dream. Trust me and believe me when I say this….

  3. Use What You Already Have - I invited a friend over to the house one day for fellowship. Normally, I would suggest eating out, but I’ve been scaling back on eating out so I decided to whip up something from home. I thought I needed to make a grocery store run until the Holy Spirit reminded me of many items left waiting to be cooked in my freezer. I was on a mission to prepare something delicious for my friend and I. I found some pink salmon, shrimp and frozen spinach in the freezer. I seasoned the salmon and shrimp then grilled the onions and tomatoes and steamed the spinach. My girlfriend enjoyed the meal so much that she was hoping for a THIRD round. I learned a valuable lesson that day. Sometimes it’s best to use what you have at home. Don’t allow not having the money or resources or right connections to keep you from doing what God has called you to do. Often times we just need to clean out our freezers and get things cooking from there.

Take these habits and plan how you can implement them into your life. Be on the look out for tomorrow’s next 3 habits and if this blessed you be sure to LIKE, COMMENT, and SHARE with a sister who you know desires a GREAT 2016.