The Girdle Every Mom Needs


What woman doesn’t want to get her body snatched back after giving birth??? I know I was on a mission to get back down to my pre-pregnancy weight once I had my little man. Months before labor and delivery, I did research on girdles to help me during my postpartum recovery and I discovered Bellefit. Bellefit is the leading medical brand for postpartum corsets and girdles regardless of cesarean or vaginal birth.

My plan was to have an all natural water birth experience! My plans drastically changed as Jedidiah was enjoying the comfort of my belly far too much. I reached 43 weeks and still no sign of contractions or baby. Jedi’s heart rate started decreasing and my OB advised an emergency c-section. I put my OB through a lot, but I was super grateful for her allowing to go past 42 weeks. Most doctors wouldn’t have allowed this. I will admit, I wasn't thrilled when my doc told me I had to have an emergency c-section. I’m thankful we delivered a beautiful healthy baby boy and when it’s all said and done, it’s the only thing that matters!

C-sections are painful. You don’t feel it when you’re in the operation room, but you feel so much pain 6-12 hrs later. It was extremely difficult for me to get out of bed. I couldn’t change diapers and I could barely move. Shouts out to the hubs for taking charge of literally everything. I did not change one single diaper at the hospital.

Two days postpartum, my OB gave orders for me to start walking 5 laps around the hallways each day until I was discharged from the hospital. Any woman that’s been through a c-section understands how challenging and painful this is. To help with the support they give you these pretty uncomfortable binders to help with the recovery process. I didn’t like wearing it at all. It was extremely uncomfortable and I really wish I had not forgotten my Bellefit girdle at home. But once I made it home from the hospital I started wearing my Bellefit. The Bellefit Girdle really was much more comfortable and provided more support than the velcro binder the hospital gave me.

I started driving within two and a half weeks postpartum. I trusted the support of my Bellefit girdle. It helped relieve much of the pain. I was eager to get off pain meds because I didn’t want to pass anything to my baby while breastfeeding. Five weeks postpartum and I was feeling incredibly awesome. It felt great to get out and FINALLY get in a few light workouts at the gym. As I was posting my recovery journey on Instagram, other women who had c-sections were shocked. They couldn’t believe I was up and running so quickly. I honestly believe it was with the help of Bellefit.

This comfortable girdle is PERFECT for any woman who gives birth whether vaginal or c-section delivery. It helps with back support and to help your stomach get back into its normal shape as your uterus continues to contract. Plus it’s an added addition in assistance with reclaiming your waistline. I worked out in it, breastfed in it AND slept in it. Let’s just say I rocked it as much as possible to #Reclaimmywaistline and continue on a healthy postpartum c-section recovery.


WHY every mama needs the girdle?

Postpartum binders apply steady pressure around a woman’s abdomen and lumbar region meant to reduce swelling, expel fluids, improve posture, provide support for both the abdomen and back and allow women to have more mobility after giving birth. In addition, wearing a girdle post pregnancy has the added bonus of helping women fit into their pre-pregnancy clothes comfortably and sooner than they would if they went through a C-section or natural childbirth recovery without it. If you’re preggers and want a great girdle for your snatch back, go ahead and order a Bellefit. And here’s a little gift for you, $20 off your order. Just be sure to use the code: jessicaa20 at checkout.