3 Reasons To Pray for Your Future Husband

You’re far too precious to settle for less than God’s best for you. Dating one random guy after another is a lot of time to give someone who doesn’t plan to spend the rest of his life with you….. What if you could cut out all the “randoms” and be more like those women who date with intentionality and purpose?

You know the women I’m talking about. Those women who have a very clear vision of what they desire in a husband and end up marrying the man they imagined (Have you written down what you want?) Those women who get down on their knees and really seek the face of God to guide them in the dating process (You have to really trust God during this season). Those women who aren't afraid to say “NO” to a hot date even in their loneliest times… (Shouts out to all the single and fabulous ladies embracing single-hood!).

You don’t have to be a prayer expert (or need a miracle from Heaven) to learn the power of patience, preparation and prayer for your future husband. …All you need is (1) to make a commitment to faithfully pray daily and (2) a guide to help you along the way. This guide is essentially the vision you’re creating of your future spouse.

Before I found my confidence, I was the girl who settled for any guy as long as he was giving me some type of attention. I had no real expectations or vision of what I wanted in a relationship. I didn’t even truly understand what a thriving marriage/relationship should be like. 

In 2006, I entered my first REAL relationship and I invested literally everything into this guy. He became my world and pretty much like the God in my life. I had everything figured out and my mind was made up that he was going to be my husband. That’s right! He was “THE ONE!” Despite the fact that he was a liar, a cheater, an abuser and so many other things that I completely over looked. I had no real expectations of men and no real understanding of what a Godly relationship/ marriage should look like.

The relationship eventually ended (by him, of course...) and it was literally the most devastating and darkest period of my life. I felt like I had wasted sooo much time and I lost all hope of ever being with a man who honored and respected me. As a beautiful, young woman who desired the blessing of MARRIAGE, I had to STOP settling for men that did not value me. 

I knew something in my life had to change if I wanted to be with a man who honored God and marriage. I knew I had end this cycle of dating randoms, but how when I felt incomplete without a man in my life? I started journaling everything I wanted in a husband. The journal was conversations with God. I told God what I liked and disliked about men. I even told him the type of man I NEVER want to marry which was a man who cheats on his wife. After being cheated on multiple times, you get fed up. I was OVER IT.

This journal of prayers eventually became a daily prayer journal for my future husband. Interestingly, I got engaged 3 years later. Here’s why it’s so important to pray for your future spouse. 

    1. Prayer provides clarity over your vision for marriage. The same way you have a vision for your life is the same way you need to have a pretty clear picture of what you want in a man. You gotta believe it in order for it to manifest and you can’t believe what you can’t see. What you write down and pray over daily is your reminder of #GirlItsOkay, God’s got you! Also, you need to ensure you become what you’re asking for. If you desire someone whose great in the finance area, take time to better understand how your financial situation can be better. When you know what you want, you’ll stop tolerating non-sense from useless men. 

    2. Prayer brings peace and contentment. As I became more secure in the vision of the man God had coming my way, I left it in God’s hands. I didn’t pause and put my life on hold, waiting for a man to propose. Nope! I traveled to five different countries, went on a missions trip to China, hosted two sold out conferences through Woman of Purpose and lived my BEST LIFE! Your life cannot be on pause because there’s no man. When you understand how great of a God you serve, you’ll value every moment of prayer. Prayer gives you loads of peace about the future.

    3. Prayer helps you release. If you’re a woman whose been in many toxic relationships like myself, you need to cleanse yourself from anything that can be potentially poisonous. My husband and I decided to go to counseling prior to our engagement because we both had toxic waste. It wasn’t until we started counseling, when I discovered I was carrying way too much of my past relationship experiences into my current one. It almost harmed our relationship, but thankfully, our counselors taught us how to prayerfully release. 

40%  of women in America have never been married and may never get married. Yet they have a desire to be a wife.While it seems like everyone I talk to is tired of being single and waiting, I find that very few women spend time faithfully praying for their future husband. That means 40% of women in America will potentially settle for ANY man just for the sake of being married. Will you be one of those women? Or will you be the one who prays towards your future husband that you desire and him be everything you imagined.

Invest if what you desire and start praying for your future husband. Though it took me years and lots of wasted time dating the wrong men to learn and understand the depth of prayer, patience, preparation, and contentment, I believe everyone should have the information they need to pray for their future husband. I created 21 Days of Prayer for Your Future Husband. I really hope it helps you, girl! #GirlItsOkay! You got this. Go ahead and grab your copy of 21 Days of Prayer for Your Future Hubby and let’s begin to pray! 

To your future hubby,