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The Fear of Being Me

A close friend of mine text me upon my return from Brazil and she said, "I was so happy to see Jessica be JESSICA!" That brought me to tears and I asked her what she saw? She said she saw Jessica outside of ministry but it did not alter my mission. She was specifically referring to a bathing suit picture I posted. She had no idea that I went back and forth about posting this picture because I was so concerned about what people would think (my Jesus circle). Religion and "so called ministry" will keep you from really being YOU. Read more to remove the fear of being YOU…

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Journey to Freedom

Freedom is no easy journey to embark and it required letting go of everything I thought I needed in order to embrace and receive everything that was promised to me according to the word of God. I was on a long, tiring journey due to being chained and locked up by fear, inadequacy, comparison, and a negative mindset. If you just take a moment and imagine a battered woman in solitary confinement in a dark prison cell, that was me in the spirit. Read more to learn how you can be on a journey to freedom…

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