Living your God given dreams begins with walking in FREEDOM!
— Jessica Chinyelu

Want to laugh, be encouraged, inspired and taught how to apply the living word of God to your everyday life?



Jessica Chinyelu is a Nigerian-American, born and raised in Greenville, Texas. She grew up in church, but was unaware of what a true relationship with Jesus meant. One night, while under the influence and ready to end her life, she heard the voice of God pleading with her to surrender her life to him. Compelled by this love, she gave her life to Jesus Christ and decided to live just for him. Despite being sexually molested for years of her childhood, trying to overcome a marijuana addiction and the death of her only blood sister, she trusted God and the visions he began to download into her spirit and began walking on a journey to freedom. 

Jessica's new transformation led into pioneering Woman of Purpose in November 2012 with just 8 women. Today the ministry has more than multiplied. She encourages women of all ages across the globe to center their everyday lives around Christ no matter the circumstances. She shares how the Lord can meet you right were you are just like Jesus and the woman at the well and the man at the pool of Bethesda. Her greatest desire is to educate and disciple women on how to apply the living word of God to every area of their lives and start living a victorious life of freedom. 

Jessica serves at ONE Community Church in Plano, Texas under the leadership of Dr. Conway Edwards. 

Chinyelu pronounced CHIN-YE-LU is a Nigerian Igbo name meaning "GOD GAVE." Jessica believes her name is God given as well as everything else God has entrusted into her hands. She continues to humbly tell the the Lord yes and surrenders everything to the Lord as her ministry grows.