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Ahhhhh I LOVE this episode! So much wisdom! Jessica- You did an amazing job interviewing, you are a natural!
— Ashley Empowers
Alrightly then, apparently I have been under a rock. I’m so glad I found this. This is so very helpful and encouraging. Time to share, dialogue and be transparent with one another...very helpful.
— Nya G
I love love love your channel. I get so much inspiration and empowerment from your videos. I love what you stand for and what your doing to help women all over the world so that they can get to know their purpose. I too got a word from God to start my own channel. I aspire to be great on my videos like you one day. I want to thank you for encouraging me. So, THANK YOU. May God bless you and your channel. 💌
— Shannon Crawford
Why is this video so awesome? thank you Jessica for being obedient and allowing the Lord to lead you in creating this wonderful ministry. i loved each and every one of the couples and their amazing, right on time advice. as a young woman seeking after God’s own heart i learned so much pertaining to relationships, but at the same time i got the reaffirmation that ultimately the same thing remains, and that truth is all i need is God. hope to see part 2 in the future and the other amazing things you have coming our way.
— Alexandria Bennett
I strongly believe that a major contributor towards a great interview is the kind of questions and engagement the interviewer asks. Well done to Jessica Chinyelu for conducting a great interview so we could get great responses from all three couples.
— Pamela Ndovela
I am forever thanking God for this Channel! Feeling hungry to have my own encounter with God, no more living through other peoples encounters, because God wants to have an encounter with me I’m just filled with joy! The priority list, I decided to write down what my current priorities are and then write a new list and Wow it was an eye opening experience to see just how much time I was wasting on things that don’t benefit me in any way, I’ll be making major changes in my daily routine, God at the centre. Thank you for this and Praise be to God!
— Massy's World
The relationship idol is such a huge struggle for me so it was really helpful / humbling to listen to your conversations, thank you so much, you’re all such beautiful people, I pray that I can start applying these lessons to my life :)
— Kate Dubillyew
i just love love LOVE every video that comes out from “I AM Woman of Purpose”. I am so thankful to God for connecting me to this channel. Excellence, truth and love is what comes forth out of every video, and this featured post is no different.
I love that in this one fashion was also infused.
The ladies you had on your panel today were all remarkable in their own right.
Watching today’s post reminded me of a statement God has engraved on my heart as of late: “I am unapologetic of the women God is creating me to be” #ownyourjourney
God bless you Jessica!
— Rose Ennin
I’m just so thankful for your show, You are amazing and always have amazing guests that truly pour into me, I grow alot! Thank you sister, God bless you Jessica!
— Da'Nesha Davis
The DIALOGUE’s episodes are encouraging and insightful to all who watches them. There are areas and topics embraced that are not usually discussed within the Body of Christ. These episodes are a joy to watch and comforting to know we are not alone or the only ones dealing with certain issues of life/mind. I can’t wait for your next I Am Woman Of Purpose conference!! I suggest everyone attend or support!!
— Lanesha McAdams
These videos are speaking to my soul right now. All my insecurities and questions are being answered. God is good.
— Nadine Robinson
Man, I’m so glad I found this channel! The concept and the actual episodes- very interesting topics, perfect timing and coverage. Jessica, you ask great questions and always have amazing guests! You go girl! :)
— Jessica Green
Amazing .. I love the honesty in this video.
So relatable and inspiring.
I’m so happy I stumbled across you guys this morning ❤️
— Fara Brown
Wow, just wow. I stumble across this channel at this point of my life where I seem to be at across road. I’m just absorbing all of the wisdom.
— Khrystal Watts